Jessica Marwah, Meenu Marwah and Akash Gulati, the founders of Craft and Kar, conceptualised the brand based on their first love, textiles. They were raised in environments surrounded by rolls of fabric with manufacturing businesses dating back to their forefathers. They decided to come together to build a brand that is dedicated to both their heritage and the craftsmen that are able to make it all happen.

Each individual has built this brand on their respective expertise in different fields that enables them to work harmoniously together, and separately at the same time. Jessica's extensive experience with garment manufacturing, Meenu's knowledge of fabric weaves and techniques and Akash's design and marketing background all beautifully integrate to create products that come from a place of compassion and consciousness.

Together they aim to elevate and bring ancient Indian techniques like block printing and embroidery to the forefront in a contemporary fashion, yet retaining the core elements that continue to make Indian fabric a worldwide phenomenon.